Located In The Kalahari Resort

    Wonderful, sweet taste tempting treats await you at the Sweet Hut. My family and I always stop for the homemade chocolates and candies after a full day splashing around at Kalahari. The sugar-free chocolates are tops. Thanks Penny.

Joseph Garrett
Merrionette Park, IL
    My Kids and I were hanging out in the lobby and the smell was so good!!! We asked what it was, and the caramel was just coming out. That was the best caramel I ever had in my whole life. The kids agreed. Thank you, Sweet Hut.

Roger Q.
Cedar Falls, IA
    The past few years my family and I have been attending the Kalahari Resort for some good old family fun. After a long day splashing around in the water my wife had discovered caramel apples at the Sweet Hut. That was all I needed to hear, so we purchased one and then another the next day. Needless to say she fell in love with them and the many varieties they come in. This year we were not able to attend the park due to some money saving reasons but my wife still had the craving for the caramel apples. That was when I discovered you could order them online. I have purchased a few and can't wait to see the look on her face Christmas morning when she gets to take a bite! Thanks again!

T. Stover
    I'm a strong believer that developing a personal relationship with business clients is important to maintaining a business relationship. With that in mind, every Christmas I order gift boxes of candy for my clients from Sweet Hut, and I can always tell when the candy has been delivered because I'll receive phone calls, cards and e-mails thanking me and RAVING about the candy.
Not only is the candy a treat, but so is working with Penny. I just send her the names and addresses of my clients, tell her what I want the gift card to say, and then pay my bill. It's that easy. Whether you're a businessperson or just like great candy, I highly recommend the Sweet Hut.

Steve Heiting
Musky Hunter Magazine
    We travel almost 2 hours to the Kalahari Sweet Hut to buy their caramel apples, creative seasonal treats and chocolate covered strawberries. They are the best candy store in the state. This year we filled our Easter Baskets with their creative and tasty treats.

Lake Geneva, WI